15 November 2008

Tiana, Kate, Seattle, Skepticality!

So, gentle readers, this coming weekend I'm flying up to Seattle to see my fabulous friend Tiana. There shall be drinks. There shall be fun. There shall be ... doing an interview for a Skepticality podcast about our time at the Discovery Institute, what? Yes! Stay tuned for more information, but realize in the meantime that it shall be awesome. I only wish I was flying into Seattle on Friday so we could visit Casey Luskin and pals one last time so Tiana and I could test the theory that all skeptics are welcome at the DI with open arms.

I'll be sure to post the date it comes out because I'm sure you'll all want to tune in. We can even make a drinking game. Every time Tiana and I saw 'Bwaha' for Behe (as in Michael Behe), take a shot. Every time we mention the term 'Country Club Christian' take a shot, etc. We'll formalize this as time goes on, but I think it's a fantastic idea.



intelekshual said...

Oh my. That is a fantastic plan. I mean, we're going to end up nothing more than a pile of giggling gelatinous goo by the end of it, but hey. Nothing wrong with that.

Arno said...

I love a genuine skeptic, always ready to test a hypothesis. Too bad you can't make it, now we'll have to wait for another opportunity.
Though it is a bit weird that the place isn't flooded with skeptics every day, since the warm welcome you and Tiana received. Perhaps there is another hypothesis required to amend yours? Something like that the place actually *is* well hidden and you can only see the entrance after plenty of shots to enhance your vision?
So, according to this enhanced theory, directly after the podcast will be an excellent time for all skeptics to visit Casey. Don't you think?

Kate said...

It is our intention to suggest that every skeptic who finds himself in Seattle make his way to the Discovery Institute (if he should be able to find it) and request a tour and see what sort of reception he gets. Who knows? We may be surprised. Casey said all are welcome. I do hope that's the case.

Inner Prop said...

I just listened to the latest Skepticality and thought I'd check out your blog.

I don't consider myself an athiest, but it's nice to know that some athiests are cuddily.

May I stick around if I'm quiet?

I also don't live anywhere near Seatle so I won't be visiting DI.

I did want to mention though, that I was at a religious camp last year and they had their own version of DI. I went in there. It wasn't staffed, but there were a lot of posters and things explaining why science in general and evolution specifically is wrong and impossible. It was kind of scary.