18 November 2008

A Burgeoning Atheist's Letter to God, Age 6

So, uh, God. I totally have faith, but what's with this existing forever thing? Prove it. Love, Kate. P.S. Here's my contact info.

dear god but
dear god but 2

I wish I remembered the results.


JohnB said...

This one's impressive on so many levels, but what impresses me most is that you had a work phone number when you were six.

Kate said...

What's even more impressive, johnb, is that I still have that same work phone number (hence blacking it out). :)

Anonymous said...

That letter is a real prayer! Only a narcissist would think otherwise!i pray that little boy brings his mommy closer to Jesus like he is and his mommy will smile. I pray for you as well- love don't judge.. He who throws the first stone.. And smiles really are contagious :)