10 November 2008

Would God's Creation Do This?

I'd like to report that on this morning of the 10th of November in the year 2008, I was attacked on the nose by a snowflake. I pose the following question to my readers: If there was a god, would he allow such an abomination to happen to one of his beloved creations? Would he create a design so foul as to flutter about in such a way that one never knows where it may land, thereby making all dodging efforts futile? Nay, I say. If ever there was proof there is no sentient god, this is it, for I was hit on the nose by a snowflake today, and may I say, my friends - it was farking cold.

snowflake on my  nose

On a more serious note, Vermont is amazing. Cuddles.


JohnB said...

As long as you have certain libations to console yourself after your snowflake induced trauma, you'll make it through the winter.

Few things are prettier than autumn in New England.

Kate said...

Fear not, for a 10 year Scotch was found in the cupboard to ease my atheist non-soul.

godinre said...


"let it fall whereever it may" Isn't that the saying :P