09 November 2008

A Photo Journal of Our Discovery Institute Adventures

Tiana met me at the Seattle airport on a Friday. It was nearing noon and we decided to hit up a bar for some liquid courage before embarking upon our mission to infiltrate the Discovery Institute disguised as good little Christian school teachers. Our first stop was to a dive place for organic burritos and enormous margaritas. This, clearly not being enough to raise our spirits, displeased Tiana and so we headed down the street for Jack and Cokes.

tiana at our first drinking hole

And so moments later we gulped down our second drinks of the day, and all was good.

second drink before the discovery institute

All was good, that is, until we realized there was a baby. There was a baby in our bar and we had to get out as our inebriation depended on it.

there's a baby in our bar!

All was made right shortly, however, as we found a lovely little place that not only served alcoholic beverages but also provided entertainment in the form of pinball machines. Unfortunately, rum smoothies plus pinball equals pinball death. Observe.

third and final drink before the discovery institute

Lost to the pinball gods

pinball death

Then we had to get down to serious business and plan the gruesome details of how we were going to go about making our precious way in. The prospects were daunting and we didn't expect to last more than five minutes in such a place as we were sure our giggle fits and rum breath would give us away.

dreading the mission

umbrella drink

By the time we were having a blast with our cocktail umbrellas we knew it was time and we could no longer put off the inevitable.

Prior to Crashing the DI ...

Prior to Crashing the DI ...

So away we went. You know the story as Tiana so brilliantly wrote about on her blog (and I linked to each episode in my last post). We were giddy as we left with our unlikely information and our loot and I managed to snap a photo of the seemingly hidden door before we skipped off into the sunset to sing our praises to each other and into more glasses of alcohol as the night approached.

discovery institute

First we went home to roll around in our loot and then we decidedly kicked god out of our hotel room.


rawr evolution

not want

We then went out for more drinks and thought of all the blatant lies we were told in the name of Intelligent Design and it vexed us quite sorely.

seattle 188

seattle 187

seattle 184

But then we went to the park and nobody can be sad or angry at the park so we ended on a high note, especially since we came back and our Do Not Want Bible was gone!

Tiana preferred the swingset.

tiana swing

tiana swing 2

While I preferred the slide.

slide 1
slide 2
slide 3
slide 4
slide 5
slide 6

And there you have it. A perfect day.


Tiana said...

It really was a perfect day. When the hell are you coming back?

Kate said...

Sooner than you think, doll. :)