11 November 2008

Kill 'Em With Kindness

There's a "virtuous woman" who believes that child abuse is going to save her tiny tot's soul for all eternity. Please read and, if you agree that this is tragic, comment on her blog in a non-alienating way so we can perhaps help at least some people see just how atrocious this sort of behavior is. Please don't engage in any of the "other side's" baiting tactics. Keep it civil and sane and eventually we'll get the message across to ... well, at least one person would be a victory, wouldn't it.

I posed the following question, which I hope someone will answer:

"A question for the religiously-inclined: If this lady was an atheist telling her child she was born evil and awful would THAT be abusive? Honestly, take religion out of the picture and it’s just as bad. It just so happens that religion gives the majority of people an excuse for this sort of atrocious behavior."

If anyone can answer this for me, I'd greatly appreciate it.



MrFreeThinker said...

To be honest I see no reason why an atheist would teach that .For a religious or spiritual person they would have good reasons (salvation, eternity ..etc). If say a muslim or Buddhist or someone of anoter religion taught that people were inherently evil I wouldn't have much of a problem with it.

intelekshual said...

You know what I have a problem with? Any religion or god that requires you to believe that you are inherently evil, and thus spread self loathing and hatred through the world.

Don't you people think there's enough anger and sadness in the world without your ridiculous god adding to it?

This sort of thing is precisely why I can't play live and let live with this kind of religious thinking.

I also find it hilarious that it's the atheists who are accused of being hateful and amoral.

Kate said...

So it's okay to teach your child that he or she is inherently evil for reasons of salvation and eternity (concepts with no proper validity) but not for any reason that lies in the natural world? I'm baffled. I would have thought, with a name like 'mrfreethinker' you would have been more open to, well, you know, not child abuse.

MrFreeThinker said...

"but not for any reason that lies in the natural world? "
Is there any reason in the natural world?
If there is a good one I wouldn't be opposed

Kate said...


It's up to YOU to provide an example of an acceptible non-religion-based reason for a parent to do such a thing to a child and yet you keep putting the burden of proof on us. The onus is on you, my friend.