21 July 2008

Atheist Nexus - Quit Crying Into Your Ice Cream

Because you're not alone anymore! That's right, you have friends! Or at least, you will have if you join Atheist Nexus, an exciting new social networking site for atheists, humanists and freethinkers. Brother Richard, site admin, has taken the bumps and twists of braving such a task as launching such a site beautifully and those of us enjoying his site owe him a great deal. It has not gone without controversy and the site has grown much more quickly than he anticipated.

So, join. You will meet more atheists in a week than you've met in your lifetime, especially if you live in the Bible Belt or other highly religious areas.

If you've already joined and you enjoy your time on the site, think about ways you can fundraise for the site. It isn't inexpensive to keep up a quickly growing social networking site and since we're using a service we could all afford to chip in a little either with our money or our time/service. Atheist Nexus is a valuable asset to the atheist community and one I hope to see grow so that others can find shelter in a world that is so often hostile to the unreligious.

I'll see you there, nancies.



Butch said...

Joined (“Butch”) after an invitation from vjack of Atheist Revolution. I’m looking forward to seeing if there is any significant number of freethinkers (who are active on the innernets, of course) here in south Mississippi.

Kate said...

Vjack is great. I'm glad he got you to join, Butch. I'm a member of the Mississippi Atheists group on Atheist Nexus, so look for me there. I'm from Gulfport.

Mel said...

Your bible belt comment.. it just rings too true. :) West Mississippi here.